Monday, April 3, 2017

SHIPYARDS: Akira class, Vigoa class, and Challenger class starships WIP #1

I have been working on some of the starships I bought from Shapeways in the past few weeks. I started on an Akira class CH, a Vigoa class CH, and 2 Challenger class DDHs. These are the first Starfleet vessels I have painted in nearly 25 years, so my hands aren't quite as steady as the last time I painted something like these, please be kind.

I have gotten the most work done on the Akira class, from WILEYCOYOTE SHIPYARDS. The other 3 ships, all from NASHSTAR SHIPYARDS, have only been base coated.

Next I will be picking out details on the underside of the Akira class and then touching up any painting mistakes. I will probably start the detail work on the other 3 as I finish up the Akira. I will post another WIP update as I finish.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

FIRST LOOK: Kahless Brand Warrior Energy Drink

Coming soon to your local Klingon commissary -

Kahless Brand Warrior Energy Drink, made with Pipius Claw, Heart of Targ, and Prune juice.

A true warrior's drink that provides "Honor on the GO!"

See the details at the following LINK


STARSHIP ACQUISITIONS: Shapeways Triple Order Arrives

Three separate starship orders I placed with different Shapeways shops arrived together in one box today -

18 ships in all, from two different Star Trek eras, and grouped in three different scales -

The first batch of starships are from Armadillo Miniatures, and are from the pre-TOS era of Axanar, and are printed in 1/3400 scale. They a an Ares class cruiser and two Klingon D-6 battlecruisers -

The second batch are from Trata Kam Orbitals, and they are 1/7000 scale Cardassian warships, from the TNG era, there are 12 of them -

And the final batch is from Nashstar Shipyards, printed at 1/5000 scale, and are all TNG era ships. I got a Vigoa class heavy cruiser and two Challenger class heavy destroyers -

Lots of ships to keep me busy. Once I get these painted I will post more photos

Thursday, March 23, 2017

STARSHIP ACQUISITIONS: Shapeways ST: TNG era Akira Class

The 1/5000 scale Akira Class starship I ordered from WileyCoyote Shipyards on Shapeways arrived today. I had this one printed in White Strong Flexible Polished, like I had the last group of ships printed in. WSFP might not be everyone's choice for materials, but it looks better than White Strong Flexible (WSF) and is inexpensive. I am not going to break the bank on starship minis (God knows I would if I had unlimited funds). Ships printed in WSFP are fine for gaming and that's what I want to do.

The ship is the U.S.S. Thunderchild and it's pretty good size in 1/5000

It's about 3.5 inches in length-

and 2.5 inches in width-

I will probably get some other 1/5000 scale TNG era Federation destroyers and light cruisers from a different Shapeways shop, to build up a fleet around this ship. I also need to pick up some 1/5000 scale Romulans to fight against.

I will post more photos once I finish painting the Akira.